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The history of education in Cuba

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   The culture history of Cuba

The children of Jose Marti
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 25 January 1997. The state of elementary education in Cuba.
Retaining Priority Despite Economic Crisis
By Dalia Acosta, IPS, 1 September 1998. Cuba's free and universal education policy stands up to the economic crisis wracking the nation for the last eight years. Since 1990, Cubans have been suffering power cuts, reduced urban transport services, food shortages and devaluation of the peso, but the classrooms have remained open, even when there have been no books.
Boarding-School System Increasingly Unpopular
By Dalia Acosta, IPS, 4 November 1998.Controversy over a system obliging high-school students in Cuba to go to boarding schools in rural areas has reached unprecedented levels. The government has reaffirmed its commitment to the policy but parents want better conditions in the schools and studies on the system's repercussions on the family.
Don't Let Politics Cloud Cuba Offer
By DeWayne Wickham, USA Today, 30 January 2001. In the two years since opening its Latin American School of Medical Sciences, Cuba has filled its classrooms with more than 3,400 students from 23 countries. Most of them come from Central and South America. A few of the students are from nations in sub-Saharan Africa.