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Canada's federal government is not serious about job creation

Press release from Canadian Labor Congress (CLC), 27 November 1995

OTTAWA, Nov. 27 /CNW/ - Is there a jobless person in Canada who believes the Liberal government is serious about job creation?,'' asks CLC Executive Vice-President Nancy Riche.

"This government promised 400,000 new jobs in 1995 -- it didn't happen. Unemployment is stuck above 9 per cent with little hope of change. It is apparent to nearly everybody by now, the neo-liberal way to fix the economy is a failure,'' states Riche.

"It's time, in this National Full Employment Week, for the government of Canada to make job creation its top priority.''

"The government should keep the promise they made in the Red Book: 'We believe that we have to take immediate measures to make our economy grow and to create jobs'.''

"Job growth is feeble. Just 58.6 per cent of working-age Canadians have jobs today, compared with 62.6 per cent before the recession. There has been no improvement in this picture in 1995.''

"If people who have given up looking for work were included, the unemployment rate today would be 12 per cent. It would be 17 per cent if it included those who want full-time work but can only find a part time job.''

"Exports have been booming, fuelling a strong recovery for company profits. In fact, corporate profits have almost doubled since mid-1992. Last year, the annual pay cheques of chief corporate officers rose 23 per cent. But nearly no one is hiring.''

"Given that the threat of run-away inflation is nil, and given that corporate profits are strong, creating jobs would be a smart move for the government. Putting Canadians back to work would raise government revenues, lift the domestic economy, and bring hope to millions of Canadians who can't find full time work'', concludes Riche.