The history of Canadian labor economics

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Canada's federal government is not serious about job creation
Press release from Canadian Labor Congress (CLC), 27 November 1995. Liberal government's committment to neoliberalism vs. full employment.
UI changes promote low wage economy
Press release by Canadian Labour Congress, 1 December 1995. Liberal government attacks unemployment insurance as means to reduce wage levels.
Canadian companies warned of worker shortage
By Irene Marushko, Reuters, Thursday 7 December 2000. A shortage of skilled labor could curb growth rates at booming Canadian firms. Statistics Canada, in its quarterly report on industrial capacity utilization, said firms could face production constraints because they could not find workers.
New Economy, Same Old Pink Slips
By Jim Stanford, Canadian Auto Workers, CAW/TCA, No.39, 3 July 2001. Apparently it doesn't matter how smart you are, or how up-to-date your human capital. Whether you work in the new economy or the old economy, you stand a good chance of being shown the exit when your employer's bottom line starts to bleed.