The economic history of Canada

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A budget for the bankers
From the People's Voice, March 1995. Chretien finance minister's budget chops public sector.
IMF pressing Ottawa to slash billions more in deficit fight
From Southam News, 10 December 1995. IMF presses for draconian cuts in Canadian social services.
Leaning to the left
By Philip Demont, The Financial Post, 5 April 1997. Deregulation and fiscal restraint as practised by federal and provincial governments may not solve all of Canada's economic woes. In the past few years, prominent Canadians and Americans have begun to question the efficacy of the deficit-slashing and deregulation policies of provincial, state and federal governments.
West risks economic collapse with its paper boom
By Mark Bourrie, Third World Network Features/IPS, July 1999. Review of Jim Sanmford, Paper Boom: Why Real Prosperity Requires a New Approach to Canada's Economy. Much of the prosperity of the West is built on investment securities such as stocks, derivatives, mutual funds and commodities futures that have values that bear no relation to the real economy.