The history of Canadian agriculture

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Farmers March In Toronto To Protest Disastrous Prices And Demand Relief
By Robert Simms, Militant, 21 December 1998. Farmers, most of whom raise hogs demand immediate income assistance from the Ontario and federal governments. In Canada, hog farmers across the country and grain farmers concentrated in the prairie provinces have been especially hard it by a worldwide collapse in farm prices this year.
Genetically-Modified Foods Get a Roasting
By Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star, Tuesday 6 February 2001. A prestigious scientific panel has confirmed what critics have argued all along: Genetically engineered foods aren't necessarily safe.
Markets Failing Farmers
National Farmers Union (Canada), One World, 26 December 2003. When we look at long term the extent of the farm crisis emerges. Farmers' net income from the market alone—with government payments subtracted—is now essentially zero.