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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 97 14:28:39 CDT
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Subject: Ontario Government Backs Down On Anti-Labr Bill
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** Topic: Ontario Government Backs Down On Anti-Labr Bill **
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Ontario backs down on labor bill

The Vancouver Sun, Thursday 18 September 1997

TORONTO -- The Ontario government appeared to back down Thursday on a contentious labor bill that had thousands of workers poised to strike.

Labor Minister Elizabeth Witmer announced the government will make most of the changes demanded by unions.

The announcement came a day after labor leaders said strikes by unions across the province would start as early as Monday unless Bill 136 was changed dramatically.

Unions had earlier presented alternative measures they said would achieve the same goals as the legislation, designed to streamline labor relations as municipalities are merged and hospitals are merged and closed.

The government will make all those changes, Witmer said.

"Our proposed amendments address completely the unions' concerns about Bill 136, without adversely affecting employers and without sacrificing and compromising a single one of our objectives," she said.