The contemporary political history of Ontario Province

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Racism Alive and Well in Metro
By Elizabeth Rowley, Toronto, The People's Voice, 15 February 1996. Two reports and a covered-up police murder last month have again pulled back the covers on the raw racism that saturates the police, the institutions, and much of the populace in Toronto.
‘Charge Skinheads in Anti-Gypsy March,’ Jewish Group Urges
By Maureen Murry, Toronto Star, 28 August 1997. A Jewish group is calling on police to charge skinheads who organized a protest against Gypsy refugee claimants staying at a Scarborough motel.
Ontario backs down on labor bill
The Vancouver Sun, 18 September 1997. Labor Minister announces the government will make most of the changes to Bill 136 demanded by unions. Strikes by unions across the province unless Bill 136 was changed dramatically. The legislation aimed to streamline labor relations as municipalities are merged and hospitals are merged and closed.
International experts condemn Ontario's Prevention of Unionism Act
From Roy J. Adams, et al., 31 May 1998. International experts affirm that Ontario's Bill 22, the Prevention of Unionization Act, offends international human rights standards and is contrary to the letter and spirit of international labour law. The bill, which explicitly forbids workfare recipients to join a union, to bargain collectively and to strike was introduced into the legislature on May 14th.
U.N. finds Ontario law a violation of intl human rights
By Steven Kammerer, Society of Graduate and Professional Students, Queen's University, 14 December 1998. On December 4, the UN condemned Ontario's Prevention of Unionism Act as a clear violation of the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The Act, which passed third reading in the Provincial Legislative Assembly at the end of November 1998, is intended to deny Workfare recipients their rights to join a union, bargain collectively and to strike.
Progress in Bill 22 campaign
From Roy J. Adams, 11 March 1999. Since spring 1998, SPHRE has organizing opposition to Ontario&s Prevention of Unionism Act. In December of 1998 the UN issued a statement asking the province to withdraw the Act which both the province and the media pretty much ignored. An article published in the Hamilton Spectator, the Minister's response and a copy of an article that the Spectator has promised to run in response.