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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 14:59:38 -0400
Sender: Progressive News & Views List <PNEWS-L@SJUVM.stjohns.edu>
From: PNEWS <odin@shadow.net>
Subject: Re: FSP: YES on Quebec Independence
To: Multiple recipients of list PNEWS-L <PNEWS-L@SJUVM.stjohns.edu>

YES on Quebec Independence

From Ray W. Lawson <ua156@ciao.trail.bc.ca>, 22 September 1995

By reading the original post on this thread one could be led into thinking that Canada is like Indonesia and Quebec is like East Timor. And that Quebec seperatism is not Nationalism, its a 'liberation movement'

Quebec is paradoxically the most nationalistic and socialistic province of Canada. (Play with those oil and water concepts for a while) :)

I have noticed a patern on PNEWS - occassionally posts on Canadian issues appear. These posts are typically riddled with half truths and selective omissions. I believe that the rationale for these postings is that PNews has a relatively small Canadian readership, and that the dogma can be fed to a largely American readership unchallenged. I've never scene any propoganda this simplistic posted on a Canadian forum; I normally don't play the circular argument game offered up by the seperatists but there are plenty who do - why not post this article on Can.politics and see what kind of a ride it gets.

A prominent feature of the article is a "blame the Anglos" version of Quebec's history. The aspects which support a socialist vision are mentioned but what about the more unpleasent aspects which were driven by francophones?

  • That Quebec has the dubious distinction of having had the closest thing to a fascist government in the 20th century in North America, complete with some of the most vehement anti-semitism. (Duplessis)
  • That Quebec for most of this century was dominated by the most regressive incarnation of the Catholic church ever seen on this continent, one comparable to pre-revolutionary Spain.
  • That political corruption has been indemic in Quebec to an extent not seen anywhere else in Canada. The tradition of deceit continues, the most recent scandall broke on September 19, 1995 when irrefutable evidence has been produced that confirms that the Parti Quebecois has suppressed information which confirms that the cost of seperation will be far higher than claimed by the P.Q. This is typical - Seperatism has become a religion for some in Quebec and the seperatist Hesbolah will do anything to advance their objectives. For decades the game of the seperatists and the nationalistic pseudo-federalists has been to sabotage the evolution of the Canadian federation then cite the resultant failures as a rationale for their solutions. Their leaders have described the tactic quite accurately: A visit to the dentist that never ends.

1995 may be the last gasp for Quebec seperatism. The rest of Canada now sees through the transparent manipulations and average Quebecois are tired of the machiavellian tactics of the seperatists.

Rather than wasting hours further refuting the original post (and future similar ones) in a non-Canadian forum I will just suggest that readers of PNews take all postings regarding Canadian issues with a grain of salt.