Quebec Separatism

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Draft Parliament Enactment
The Parliament of Quebec, draft Bill explained section by section. 27 January 1995.
First Nations/Quebec Coverage (Oka)
By Thomas Eric Brunner, 20 July 1995.
National Chauvinism Poisons Class Struggle; Independence for Quebec!
From the Workers Vanguard, 22 September 1995. the Parti Quebecois (PQ) government of Quebec announced that a referendum will be held on October 30 proposing that Quebec should become sovereign, after haveing made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership.
YES on Quebec Independence
From Ray W. Lawson, 22 September 1995. Quebec seperatism is not a liberation movement, but nationalism. Quebec has been long dominated by the most regressive incarnation of the Catholic church. 1995 may be the last gasp for Quebec seperatism. The rest of Canada now sees through the transparent manipulations, and average Quebecois are tired of the machiavellian tactics of the seperatists.
Quebec Independence
By Eric Mills, 26 September 1995. Implications for Indians and Anglophone Quebec residents of the rightward shift of Parti québecois.
Defend Quebec's Right to Self-Determination!
From Socialist Challenge, Fall 1995.
Communist League calls for ‘Yes’ vote as part of struggle
By Michel Prairie, The Militant, 9 October 1995.
Campaign for Self-Determination
23 October 1995. The Campaign for Self-Determination issues statement that all aboriginal nations and Quebeçois have as a matter of principle the right to self-determination.
Sovereignty debate reaches all Canada
By Ned Dmytryshyn, The Militant, 23 October 1995. Importance to all Canadians of supporting justice for, even separation of, Indians and Quebeçois.
Quebec'erendum: acid test for the left. Break the grip of national chauvinism—dence for Quebec!
From Workers Vanguard, 3 November 1995.
Separatist Movement Shows Nationalism = Fascism
By Grover Furr, 10 November 1995.
Defeated Separatists Talk About ‘Next Time...’
From Ray W. Lawson, 11 November 1995. The slim victory by the NO side in the referendum was a direct result of the fraudulent nature of the referendum question, which suggested that Quebec will somehow be able to divorce itself from Canada and remarry, simultaneously.
Quebec Offers Natives New Political Deal
By Rheal Seguin, Globe and Mail, 3 April 1998.
Open letter in support of the democratic right to self-determination for Quebec
From Gary Kinsman, 16 January 2000. An open letter with 30 initial signers. The authoritarian Clarity Act raises the stakes by requiring something more than a simple majority; and changes the rules by making the federal government the judge of whether Quebec's referendum question is clear.