Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 13:56:29 -0500
From: Bob Olsen <>
Subject: Privatize Ontario Hydro
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British firm eyes Hydro's reactors: Proposal involves taking over three [reactors]

By Paul Waldie, Globe and Mail, Monday 12 January 1998

Nuclear-power giant British Energy is in talks with Ontario Hydro about running some of its 19 nuclear reactors.

We have had several meetings with British Energy along those lines, said John Murphy, president of the Power Workers Union, which represents most Hydro workers. I know they have also been meeting with senior management within Ontario Hydro.

Robin Jeffrey, British Energy's deputy chairman, will be in Toronto this week for further discussions, Mr. Murphy said yesterday. British Energy operates eight nuclear reactors that supply about 21 per cent of Britain's electricity.

Mr. Murphy said the discussions include everything from British Energy buying the reactors to running them for a fee. He said the union is working with British Energy on a proposal for it to take over management of at least three reactors that are scheduled to be laid up.

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The Ontario government has proposed splitting Hydro into three entities —a generating company, a transmission company and a business devoted to paying down Hydro's $32-billion debt. It has announced plans to deregulate Ontario's energy market and open competition to more suppliers.

Analysts say deregulation in the United States has already forced several power companies to consider selling their nuclear reactors because they are too expensive to operate.

Bob Olsen