The economic history of Ontario Province

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British firm eyes Hydro's reactors: Proposal involves taking over three [reactors]
By Paul Waldie, Globe and Mail, Monday 12 January 1998. Nuclear-power giant British Energy is in talks with Ontario Hydro about running some of its 19 nuclear reactors. The Ontario government has proposed splitting Hydro into three entities and has announced plans to deregulate Ontario's energy market and open competition to more suppliers.
Revlon to shed 170 jobs in shift to U.S. Mississauga plant loses out in global consolidation
By John Spears, The Tononto Star, 25 October 2000. About 170 employees at a Revlon Canada Inc. manufacturing plant in Mississauga will lose their jobs when production shuts down in January. Consumption of Revlon products hasn't slipped, but sales are down.
CAW wants ‘made in Canada’ auto policy
CBC News, Sunday 11 August 2002. The Canadian Auto Workers union is warning that the auto industry is shrinking fast. Thousands of jobs are at stake as the big three automakers shut plants. Canadian auto parts suppliers are losing business because they rely too heavily on selling parts to the big three—GM, Chrysler-Daimler and Ford; they need to capitalize on growth in the Asian sector of the market.
UNITE rally to support matrix workers
CAW Left Caucus Mailing List, 11 June 2003. Company goons beat organizers up at Matrix Packaging as we were passing out messages from pro-union workers. Workers at the three Mississauga-Brampton area plants have been harassed, intimindated and fired for being publically pro-union.