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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 12:11:53 -0400
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From: Bill Fitzpatrick <b.fitzpatrick@UTORONTO.CA>
Subject: UNITE rally to support matrix workers

UNITE rally to support matrix workers

CAW Left Caucus Mailing List, 11 June 2003

sisters and brothers,

below is a message from an UNITE organizer. the attack on organizers by the company, matrix, was quite brutal. compnaies feel that they can bust unions with impunity. the labour board and the authorities are often inadequate. as the old adage goes—the best defence is offence.

please turn out for the UNITE rally on tuesday june 17th from 3:30-4:30 pm at the matrix packaging plant at 245 britannia rd e (kennedy) in missassauga.

please circulate this email to your respective lists. for more information contact UNITE

UNITE! Ontario Council
Organizing Department
15 Gervais Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 1Y8

in solidarity,
bill fitzpatrick

Company goons beat us up at Matrix Packaging as we were passing out messages from pro-union workers. Workers at the three Mississauga-Brampton area plants have been harassed, intimindated and fired for being publically pro-union. We must end the attack on working people in Ontario. Rally for Justice with UNITE next Tuesday. Let's show 'em what solidarity and power means!