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Subject: !*Hate disguised as news at Yahoo Canada
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Hate disguised as news at Yahoo Canada

By Ashok Mathur, 30 August 1999

Greetings all,

Under the guise of news coverage, the Yahoo Canada Full Coverage site lists a link to a site called Canada First, which is an outlet of the white supremacist Heritage Front. The site is supposedly related to the current breaking news about Chinese refugees arriving at B.C. However, a quick glance at the sight shows not just a reactionary, right-wing response to immigration (which might be disagreeable but legitimate news coverage) but hate-filled propaganda directing violence toward people of colour in Canada. An animated text reading Immigration? Can Kill You! is interspersed with photographs of people of colour on Canadian streets. The word kill is drawn in dripping blood.

My complaint to Yahoo Full Coverage was met with a wholly inadequate response from a Ms Carrie Schapker, suggesting that their listing of this site has legitimacy in that it represents a position on immigration. Three days ago, Yahoo promised to review within 24 hours the site's inclusion. Yahoo has so far refused to remove this listing on its page dedicated to the coverage of the Chinese refugees, allowing it to sit side-by-side legitimate studies from universities, news coverage from the CBC, and government information sites.

Please take a moment to review this situation. The site in question is at: and the offensive listing is Canada First under the Related Web Sites heading.

Register complaints with:Mbr /> Carrie Schapker at:

Thanks, all, for your support in this matter.