The history of racism and xenophobia in Canada

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Canada's Immigration Policy—Detention And Deportation of Non-Europeans
By Tariq Hassan-Gordon, Anti-Colonial Action Alliance, 14 September 1996.
Hate disguised as news at Yahoo Canada
By Ashok Mathur, 30 August 1999. Under the guise of news coverage, the Yahoo Canada Full Coverage site lists a link to a site called Canada First, which is an outlet of the white supremacist Heritage Front. This is not just a reactionary, right-wing response to immigration, but hate-filled propaganda directing violence toward people of colour in Canada.
Oh Canada
By David Austin, Monday 02 June 2003. The recent Writing Thru Race Conference held in Vancouver brought to the surface some of the worst elements in Canadian society(ies). The conference, organized by the Writers' Union of Canada was designed to discuss issues of race and racism as they relate to writing in a country in which non-white have limited access to the publishing industry.
Racism in Canada
Editorial, Canadian Dimension, January/February 2004. Around the time of Quebec's Quiet Revolution of the mid-sixties, the Liberal Party of Canada took the strategic decision to promote multiculturalism. It is becoming increasingly clear that the commitment to multiculturalism has resulted in an important shift in political hegemony in Canada.