The social history of Canada

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The Facts Tell a Different Story: The Rhetoric of ‘Myth and Reality’
By Tom Walker, 11 June 1996. Trends in income distribution.
Disposable Individual Income Decreases
By Shawgi Tell, 9 December 1997. According to the Research and Information Institution on Income, the financial situation of individuals has deteriorated in 1997 (brief).
Canada down at 10th on poverty list
By Allan Thompson, Toronto Star, 9 September 1998. Canada has once again been ranked by the United Nations as having the best overall standard of living in the world, but gets a mediocre rating for its treatment of the poor. This poverty index shows how the fruits of progress are distributed, and Canada is not doing very well.
Study paints bleak job scene in Canada: 52% below $15 an hour
By James Cudmore, The National Post, 3 June 1999. Canadian workers are underpaid and underemployed, says a report released yesterday by Ryerson Polytechnic University. 45% of the country's workforce is engaged in flexible work, with people unable to find full-time or permanent jobs. A great wage differential between people who have stable jobs and those with flexible employment.
Shopping for Labour
By Naomi Klein, Toronto Globe, Wednesday 22 November 2000. Clientele. It doesn't have the same xenophobic ring as Asian invasion; in fact, it sounds positively clinical. But it may be more dangerous, especially because it is an idea that is not relegated to the fringe of the Alliance but lies at the very centre of the national immigration debate.