The history of homelessness in Canada

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Poor Women Speak Out In Ottawa
Deputation on BILL 142 to the Standing Committee on Social Development, 21 October 1997.
Shelters running out of space: Warning sounded as winter looms
By Robert Matas and Margaret Philp, The Globe and Mail, 23 October 1997. Workers at shelters in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver warned that a national crisis is in the making.
Who Are Canada's Homeless?
By Gladys Pollack, The Reader's Digest, [2001]. Twenty years ago, the problem of homelessness seemed minor and was thought to be about single men with alcohol problems living on the streets. Today, in almost every urban centre across Canada, the situation is changing, and conservative estimates are that there are some 200,000 Canadians—men, women and children—who are homeless.
An Affordable Housing Crisis in Canada's Cities
CBC TV, [2002]. A study published in August 2001 outlines some the reasons behind the homeless crisis in Canada's urban centres. According to research by the Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto there is a lack of affordable housing in urban centres.