The history of health and nutrition in Canada

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Canadian Health Spending, Physician Supply. Canada's Single Payer Health Care System
PNHP Newsletter, November 1966. The facts concerning Canadian health care costs and supposed flight of doctors.
Nation's Health Depends on Equality, Not Wealth
By Crawford Kilian, Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC), 8 June 2000. Measured by life expectancy, good health in the advanced industrial countries doesn't depend on national wealth, good medical care, or even good genes. Instead, you will live a healthier, longer life if you are a part of a tightly cohesive, egalitarian society in which the incomes of the poorest and the richest are not that far apart. Among public-health experts, this basic point is settled, but it still hasn't sunk in with politicians and the public.
The dark side of the Canadian Healthcare system's decline
By Dorothy Guellec, Z/Znet Commentaries, 19 July 2000. Globalization is to make the world safe for the American and other multinational corporations to penetrate and take over as much as the world's economy as possible. This is why the once sacred Canadian healthcare model is in trouble right now.
Six Reasons Why Health Care is not a Commodity
By Cynthis Levine-Rasky, Canadian Dimenion, September/October 2002. My students associate public care with inferior service. Yet, despite the erosion of the public system, the contrast between these two facilities, the former fully private, the latter fully public, couldn't be greater.