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Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 12:22:48 -0400
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From: Veronica Wylie <>
Subject: American Ultra-Right Wingers in Toronto Friday (fwd)

American Ultra-Right Wingers in Toronto Friday

By Veronica Wylie, 9 July 1998

Yesterday, about one hundred extremist anti-choice demonstrators staged an event in Kingston, Ontario. Lining the busiest street during the morining rush hour, they displayed six foot high posters of white fetuses. Most of the group were from the US, (see below). A group of about thirty Kingston social activists showed up to counter protest.

Many of the people in the anti-choice group wore army fatigues and other army paraphenila. To intimidate and harass pro-choice activists, many of Americans were kitted out with walkie-talkies and video cameras. They repeatedly video taped us, even when requested not to do so. Most of the Americans appeared to be from Wisconsin, (according to their license plates) and wore T-shirts that said US Taxpayers Party and had bumper stickers on their cars that read Principles over politics. This is a group that has advocated arming children and justifies killing doctors who perform abortions. According to this week's NOW magazine they are on an Ontario tour designed to promote their cause and their group.

The extremists did their best to try and provoke a violent reaction from the pro-choice protesters by reciting right-wing dogma and anti-Canadian slurs, such as: You are showing your Canadian ignorance and Even God can make to Canada. Clearly, in an effort to intimidate the pro-choice activts, one extremist said he had ammuntion with him. Trying to justify their position when queried by pro-choice activists, they reverted to memorized slogans and right wing jargon, such as: You don't know the Truth and You haven't learned the Truth yet. When asked about their positions on other issues like, homelessness, racism and homosexuality, they became defensive and justified white supremacy and homophobia through biblical evangelical and interpretations. One extremist called us perverted and said we were going to go to hell.

One anti-choice radical dressed in fatigues harassed a visble minority pro-choice activist by becoming extremely aggressive with his video camera. In an effort to protect her, a friend tried to deflect the camera, only to be pushed and shoved by the American. This agressiveness and violent reaction obviously displeased the few Canadian anti-choicers who tried to advocate restraint.

This American group is more than your run-of-the-mill pro-lifers. Their beliefs are based on ultra-right wing poltical and fundamentalist religious ideology, with an insidious undercurrent of justifed violence. This was evident by a dispute that broke out between the Canadian religious anti-choice demonstrators and the Americans about capital punishment. One American even said that Catholics were going to hell as well, which upset their Canadian Catholic hosts.

It is essential that all efforts be made to expose the hypocrisy, violence and right wing nature of this anti-choice group. For more information about this group, pick-up this week's NOW Magazine or visit their web site at: Please show up and/or stage a counter protest if they show up in your town. Below, is some information about a counter protest in Toronto on Friday.