The culture history of Canada

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History rich, but we'd never know it
The Province, 29 June 1998. Canadians could use a remedial course in history just to brush up on the basics according to results of a simplified Canadian pop quiz. Older respondents were wiser than their youthful counterparts. However, younger respondents did much better when questions focused on Canadian heroes and celebrities.
Making the rounds at the Toronto Film Festival
By Bill Meyer (aka Ron Sheldon), People's Weekly World, 4 October 1997. Toronto International Film Festival is quickly becoming one of the most impressive film events in the Western Hemisphere, friendly Toronto offers excitement and entertainment for all kinds of movie lovers.
Canadian Position on Culture in MAI Clear—Chief Negotiator Tells CCA
Canadian Conference of the Arts, 26 February 1998. The recent round of high level negotiations in Paris saw no progress to the resolution of the cultural question within the MAI.
American Ultra-Right Wingers in Toronto Friday
By Veronica Wylie, 9 July 1998. Yesterday, about one hundred extremist anti-choice demonstrators staged an event in Kingston, Ontario. The extremists did their best to try and provoke a violent reaction from the pro-choice protesters by reciting right-wing dogma and anti-Canadian slurs.
Not Black Like Me
By Vernon Clement Jones, The Globe and Mail, 19 February 2001. Black Entertainment Television came to Canada vowing to showcase black culture. But disillusioned viewers say what it delivered was mainly nasty stereotypes and explicit videos. Where, they wonder, is the Canadian content?