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Subject: May Day On the Web 1998

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>Subject: May Day On the Web 1998
>May Day On the Web 1998.
>Workers Fight For Human Rights

May Day On the Web 1998: Workers Fight For Human Rights

Edmonton May Day Committee, 30 March 1998

This site was created to celebrate May Day the International Working Class Holiday.

It is the project of the Edmonton May Day Committee and sponsored by the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) and the Edmonton District Labour Council which are affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

The Edmonton May Day Committee is comprised of labour, social and cultural activists. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We began this project of reviving May Day activities in Edmonton, three years ago. Last year we had one of the largest May Day Parades in Canada.

As well as the Parade we sponsored a Labour Art Show at Latitude 53, an alternative artist run gallery. This year we continue the traditions by holding our annual parade and a political art show.

We have created this web page to announce our events, to link to other May Day events that are occurring around the world and on the World Wide Web (WWW). If you have created a May Day page for local events, or just to celebrate May Day please link to our page and send us your URL and we will include it on the page. We have included a gif and link code for people to add our page to theirs

We hope to create a unique labour art show on the Web to celebrate May Day 1998.

The Edmonton Mayday Committee is sponsoring an e-mail contest on the web. The theme of the artistic work is Workers Fight For Human Rights. Your work must be in either JPG or GIF format. For the WWW, the file size should be no larger than 75K. The resolution should be 72 dpi, width no larger than 330 pixels, height 220 pixels. All graphics will be displayed on the Mayday Online Gallery.

Should your work be chosen, it will be used on posters, brochures and coffee cups in 1999. It would be prudent to save your graphic in two formats, one for the WWW at 72 dpi and the other at 300 dpi for print media.

Some of the issues we are addressing are:

Please submit your art work by May 1, 1998 to Art work presented later will be archived and presented on the web.