The working-class history of Alberta Province

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May Day On the Web 1998: Workers Fight For Human Rights
Edmonton May Day Committee, 30 March 1998. A web site to celebrate May Day, the International Working Class Holiday, is the project of the Edmonton May Day Committee and sponsored by the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) and the Edmonton District Labour Council which are affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).
Striking Steelworkers reject AltaSteel's final offer
CNW, 14 September 1999. Members of the United Steelworkers' Local 5220 at AltaSteel, a division of Stelco Inc., voted against the company's final offer. More than 270 workers have been on legal strike since last Wednesday (September 8). Issues in dispute are wages, pensions, job security, contracting out and the term of the agreement.
Steelworkers on Strike against AUPE
CNW, 22 September 2000. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) could be faced with a strike by the 80 members of the United Steelworkers' Local 9302, who provide union representation and administrative support to the AUPE's 45,000 members across the province.
Future Summit report lacks future vision, says AUPE president
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees news release, 30 May 2001. Albertans will not be impressed with the report of the so-called Future Summit and its calls to de-unionize Alberta and impose a sales tax. Setting aside the fact that their call to ‘de-unionize Alberta’ borders on the unconstitutional, their suggestion that the province adopt so-called right-to-work legislation is a call for an assault on all Albertans.