Privatization vs. democracy in Canada

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Privatization gets failing grade in Edmonton Public Schools
We Care media release, 28 May 1997. The results of a 17 month evaluation of contracting out demonstrated clearly that contractors could not do the work in Edmonton's Public Schools. Just as importantly, the independent Evaluators found that privatization actually interfered with the Board's ability to meet its obligations under the School Act.
CUPE Releases Major Report on Privatization
A Workers' Summary, 25 January 1999. Corporations are gaining control of our public services at an unprecedented pace. The report documents for the first time the depth and breadth of the corporate takeover that's happening in our hospitals, schools, municipal services, community centres, social services and utilities. When the dots are connected, a clear picture emerges of the threat to good jobs, public safety, quality and accessibility.
Save EPCOR From Privatization
From EPCARE, 7 July 1999. In Alberta and Ontario public utilities, electircal, hydro, are being set up for privatization. Both provinces have passed legislation deregulating electricity. This is forcing municipalities to look at privatization as a quick cash grab.
Defending Health Care: Unions Lead the Way
By Greg McMaster, President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Edmonton, 26 June 2000. Unions have played a central role in the recent campaign against cutbacks and privatization of health care, which featured a broadly-based public movement against Bill 11.
Experiment in private prison, Penetanguishene. Enthusiasm for superjail fizzles on privatization bid
By Mirko Petricevic, Kitchener Waterloo Record 13 September 2000. The cottage-country town hoped to reap a bonanza from 300 well-paid jobs and the $25 million the jail spends each year, but after construction began, the plan for the mega-jail was changed so it would be operated by a private company. When residents began researching private prisons in the United States and elsewhere, they didn't like what they learned.