The contemporary political history of Canada

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Make the Liberals retreat!
By Miguel Figueroa, People's Voice, March 1995. Rightward drift of Chretien government.
Media Alliance to protest changes to access to information laws
From Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists, media release, 24 January 1966. Legislation would restrict access to government documents.
Global Leaders have no clothes
By Robert Theobald, 22 May 1997. Canadian politicians, specifically, do not address the issues of concern to the electorate.
Canada's Communists fight election law
By Tim Wheeler, People's Weekly World, 24 May 1997.
Slashing is over, Liberals predict Party to put on a beneficient face
By Scott Feschuk and Hugh Winsor, The Globe and Mail, 10 June 1997. Ambivalent elections returns and policies.
Telephone deregulation has brought Canada higher prices, worse service and the loss of thousands of jobs! There IS an alternative
From OTEU, 29 September 1997. When phone competition was introduced in 1992, the CRTC said that local rates wouldn't increase and it would generate hundreds of jobs in major centres. Five years later, the gap between what was promised and has been delivered is huge and growing.
Human rights violation in Ontario
By Roy J. Adams, Society for the Promotion of Human Rights in Employment (SPHRE), 15 May 1998. An Act to Prevent Unionization of workfare participants does not simply remove workfare people from the coverage of the Ontario Labour Relations Act. It puts the Ontario government into a very small group of outlaw governments that openly, explicity and blatantly forbid Freedom of Association.
Jew-haters and red-baiters: The Canadian League of Rights
By David Lethbridge, AntiFa Info-Bulletin 2 February 1999. The Canadian League of Rights, after a decade of activity in Alberta, has moved back to Ontario, from whence it came. While this is unfortunate for working people in Ontario, Albertans should not become too overjoyed.
Canada Embracing Globalization
By Warren Peterson, to the MAI-not list, 19 February 1999. Canada has taken two dramatic steps in social policy this month which will further globalisation: the signing of the Social Union framework agreement (without Quebec's consent) and the bringing down of the 1999 federal budget, promoted as the health care budget.
Mounties guilty of Disneyfication sanitizing image: Study
By Marina Jimenez, National Post, 5 May 1999. The history of the RCMP's role as troops of Canadian imperialism gets re-written by cultural products of singing Mounties. The RCMP have always stood in as an icon for the nation, but it is one that is freighted with ideological baggage and the colonization of the west.
Whither social democracy? The New Democrats embrace third way, but which way for the Canadian left?
14 May 1999. [brief]
IMF pressures Ottawa to stress tax reductions. The global body says the federal government should abandon its 50-50 plan for dividing up surpluses
By Eric Beauchesne, Southam Newspapers, 20 November 1999. The report argues that cutting the debt and taxes would be more beneficial economically in the long run than increasing spending on health and education.
Punishing The Poor—McClure's Welfare Scam
19 August 2000. A rationale for punishing the poor and recommendations as to the means of doing so. The report puts the final nail in the coffin for the ideas of welfare as a way of assisting those in need on the basis of that need alone and of unemployment benefits as a method of compensating those denied work.
Kill NAFTA or kiss our water, medicare and Canada goodby
From the Canadian Action Party / Parti Action Canadienne (CAP/PAC), 21 August 2000. A plea for support of the Canadian Action Party (CAP/PAC) candidate Jack Peach in the Okanagan-Coquihala by-election Sept 11,2000 and for CAP in the impending general federal election.
Ottawa: Women's Thirteen Demands on federal government
Canadian Women's March Committee, 8 October 2000. Health care, social housing, child care, old age security, employment insurance, women's equality and democracy, legislative reform, immigration reform, poverty, welfare, disabilities, education grants, pay equity.