The history of mine labor in Canada

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Labor disputes unsettle Canadian mining industry
By Paul Simao, Reuters, 15 August 1999. A series of strikes, lockouts and tense labor disputes have helped turn 1999 into the year of living dangerously for Canadian mining companies and their unionized workforces.
J. B. McLachlan: A Biography, by David Frank
Adversisement, [1999]. The advertisement represents a collection of extracts from reviews of this book on the legendary labor leader and the Cape Breton coal miners.
Iron ore miners strike for better pay, benefits
By Betty Burke, The Militant, 5 October 2004. More than 1,000 unionized miners at the Iron Ore Company, Labrador, Canada's largest producer of iron ore, have been on strike since July 19. The workers are members of the United Steelworkers of America (USWA). Iron Ore Co. is owned by international mining giant Rio Tinto, based in London. The 250 Steelworkers employed by Rio Tinto at the port in Sept-Isles, Quebec, also joined the walkout.