The economic struggle of the working class in Canada

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Strike Wave Hits Canada
By D. Perez and Shelley Ettinger, Workers World, 30 March 1995. Transport workers strike over US-Canada free trade agreements.
Canadian Airline Unions Ratify Cuts
By Katy LeRougetel, The Militant, 20 January 1997. Members of Canadian Airlines' three major unions completed their cross-country voting on concessions demanded by the company. They were approved by members of the CAW, IAM, and CUPE. The majority voted in favor because there was no alternative. People are dissatisfied with the offer despite the high vote for approval.
Canada Federal Workers Mull Sept General Strike
By Julie Remy, Reuters, Wednesday 29 August 2001. Thousands of federal government workers who staged a series of one-day strikes this month were threatening to launch a general strike in the fall if their demands for higher wages were not met. Although disagreements remain, negotiations are set to resume. The federal workers have been without a contract since June 2000, and in May voted 64 percent in favor of giving their union a strike mandate.
Nation rife with labour strife: As Labour Day nears, workers are united in their discontent
By Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press The Halifax Herald, Friday 31 August 2001. Across the country, unhappy workers have been keeping picket captains, labour negotiators and politicians hopping. They were promised that if they made sacrifices, it would pay off in the long run, but they're learning it's paying dividends for the wealthy and the powerful and corporate elite but not for working people.