The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

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CUPE calls for immediate review of labour relationship with the NDP—party and government
Media Release: CUPE K-12 Bargaining, Release date 4 April 2000. CUPE members at their annual convention in June 2000 will vote on continued affiliation with the NDP and the union's relationship with this government. Local affiliations will be reviewed at the local level. Presidente O'Neill called upon the BC Federation of Labour and all its affiliates to begin discussions immediately on relationships between Labour in BC and both the party and the government.
CUPE president calls for civil disobedience, economic disruption in Ontario
By Bruce Cheadle, Ottawa Citizen, 2 June 2001. The head of the country's largest public sector union is calling for civil disobedience and economic disruption in Ontario to combat what she calls the ultra far right agenda of Premier Mike Harris and his Conservatives.
To the barricades with Judy Darcy?
A Straight Goods Interview, Saturday 29 June 2002. CUPE's national president Judy Darcy created a stir and headlines by warning CUPE members they should be prepared for tear gas and water cannons. She told a cheering convention of local CUPE organizers the cuts and repression of Ontario's Harris Conservatives may have left public servants with no choice but to adopt disruptive street tactics.
Union Democracy and Our Loss of Innocence
By Geoff Bickerton, Canadian Dimension, November/December 2002. A roofing company has stated that, in exchange for the donation to the campaign of Sid Ryan, the high-profile leader of CUPE's Ontario Division who last year ran unsuccessfully for the position of CUPE national secretary-treasurer, it received a kickback from CUPE National even greater than its donation. The matter is being investigated by the police. The union has no rules concerning election spending and receipt of gifts from contractors.