The retrospective history of Quebec

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Long-time Quebec labour leader dies
CBC News, Saturday 20 July 2002. Louis Laberge, a man credited with fighting to improve the rights of Quebec workers even if it meant spending time in jail, has died. He was 78. Laberge was president of the Quebec Federation of Labour from 1964 to 1991.
Marcel Pepin, key labour leader in Quebec, dead at 74
Marcel Pepin, one of three labour leaders imprisoned by former premier Robert Bourassa during a public sector strike in 1972, has died. He was president of the Confederation of National Trade Unions from 1965 to 1976, the second-largest labour federation in Quebec. He was instrumental in the movement during the Quiet Revolution, which modernized Quebec and moved it away from control by the Roman Catholic Church.
Funeral held for former labour leader Marcel Pepin
Canadian Press. Pepin espoused an independent and socialist Quebec during his tenure as head of the province's second-largest labour federation.