Working-class political struggle in British Colombia

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Shields warns Premier of ‘all-out’ labor war
By Karen Gram, The Vancouver Sun, Friday 20 September 1996. John Shields, the president of the B.C. Government Employees' Union, no longer believes Premier Clark is on the side of middle and working class people in B.C. Shields said Clark is pandering to the banking and American bond-rating interests when he says he will balance the budget by laying off up to half the unionized employees on the government payroll.
Teachers file suit against Bills 27 and 28
British Columbia Teachers' Federation News Release, 30 May 2002. The British Columbia Teachers' Federation today filed suit in B.C. Supreme Court challenging Liberal laws that imposed a contract on teachers, gutted key provisions of their collective agreement, and will result in dramatic cuts to educational services to students.
BCGEU leader sounds battle call
CBC British Columbia Online News, 31 May 2002. The head of the BC Government Employees Union told 500 BCGEU convention delegates they have to stand up and fight a government intent upon the privatization of their jobs. He told delegates they must reach out to those who tuned out the NDP.