The social history of British Colombia Province

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Mapping Racism
By Valerie van Clieaf, Terminal City, Vancouver, 6-13 June 1997. Review of the Gustafsen Lake stand-off between RMCP and the Shuwap shows that it is largely the result of government and media racism. See also Gustafsen Lake documents
BC Benefits Cruel, Punitive, Unfair
BC Government Employees' Union, 15 July, 1997. Shift from a concern for benefits to help those in need to an obsession with fraud and abuse.
Casa Alianza moves to counteract the use of Honduran street children in the sale of drugs on the streets of Vancouver
Casa Alianza release, 23 July 1998. Casa Alianza is investigating, along with its sister organization Covenant House in Canada, reports that Honduran children are being used by drug dealers to sell crack cocaine on the streets of Vancouver.
Team bus littered with racist pamphlets
Victoria Times Colonist, 19 March 1999. An act of racism against an aboriginal hockey team and its fans is the latest of many that have stained the sport. Visiting aboriginal spectators and players discovered racist pamphlets on their bus seats following a Manitoba Junior Hockey League game in the northwestern town of Dauphin.
A Fundamentalist Question
By Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post, 25 April 2000. At Trinity Western University, Christian students pledge not to engage in a long list of sins, including homosexual sex. Now, Trinity Western is the focus of a court case in which the rights of fundamentalist Christians to espouse their beliefs are pitted against the rights of homosexuals to be protected from bigotry and discrimination.