The working-class history of Nova Scotia

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NSTU issues Province-wide strike warning
Press release by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, 18 November 1995. The The Nova Scotia Teachers Union said teachers will not settle for less than satisfactory changes to the proposed Education Act, which must include maintenance of the integrity of current collective agreements and existing bargaining units.
Steelworkers says justice system has filed the families of Westray
USW press release, 3 July 1998. The recent announcement by Nova Scotia government prosecutors to stay the criminal charges against Westray mine managers for the deaths of 26 miners was met with bitterness and disappointment by the United Steelworkers.
Miners Strike in Cape Breton & Song
From Len Wallace, 13 January 2000. Members of District 26, UMWA in Cape Breton Nova Scotia are on a wildcat strike. They are fighting against the closure of the Prince Mine, coal mine owned by Devco.
Sysco deal approved by workers
By Tera Camus, The Halifax Herald Limited, Tuesday 31 October 2000. Workers at Sydney Steel Corp. voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new collective agreement, moving the plant one step closer to privatization.