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Subject: UN Condemns Cuba Embargo for 4th Straight Year
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UN Condemns Cuba Embargo for Fourth Straight Year

Exerpted from Weekly News Update on the Americas, issue #301
5 November 1995

On Nov. 2, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly voted 117 to three with 38 abstentions in favor of a resolution to condemn the US embargo against Cuba. Voting against were the US, Israel and Uzbekistan (one of the former Soviet republics). In last year's vote on an almost identical resolution, only the US and Israel voted against, while 101 voted for and 48 abstained. In 1993 the count was 88 to 4 with 57 abstentions, and in 1992 it was 59 to 3 with 71 abstentions. Of Latin American nations, this year only Guatemala and El Salvador abstained, while all the rest voted for the Cuban-sponsored resolution. Even Argentina, which had abstained in the previous three years, voted in favor this year. Several weeks ago, Cuba promised to pay its $10 million debt to Argentina. [El Diario-La Prensa 11/3/95 from Notimex]

Cuban-American Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) blamed the administration of US president Bill Clinton for having done "nothing serious to avoid the condemnation of his own policy in the United Nations General Assembly." As an example, Diaz-Balart cited the vote of Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in favor of the resolution, "in moments when Aristide continues to be almost literally under the custody of the US army in his presidential palace." Diaz-Balart also criticized the fact that US ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright "didn't even make a speech in favor of the embargo" at the Assembly session. [Diario Las Americas 11/4/95]

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