United States foreign policy toward Cuba

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Speaking For Most Of Humanity
Editorial in The Militant, 30 October 1995. Activists in the Northeast of the U.S. are mobilizing support for the October 21 demonstration in New York City to counter Washington’s aggression.
UN Condemns Cuba Embargo for Fourth Straight Year
Exerpted from Weekly News Update on the Americas, 5 November 1995. On Nov. 2, the UN General Assembly voted 117 to three with 38 abstentions in favor of a resolution to condemn the US embargo against Cuba. Voting against were the US, Israel and Uzbekistan.
Cuban poet denounces embargo: Houston Chronicle reports on tour of Norberto Codina
By Jo Ann Zuñga, in the Militant, 6 November 1995.
U.S. vs. Cuba: Helms-Burton Act Arouses Worldwide Anger
By Teresa Gutierrez, in Workers World, 25 July 1966. The Clinton administration started implementing the Helms-Burton Act July 10 by informing Sherritt International, a Canadian nickel mining company, that they and their families would be barred from the US for doing business with Cuba. Ottawa immediately protested.
Clinton deflects Pope’s call to relax Cuban Blockade
Reuters, 21 January 1998. Clinton welcomes Pope John Paul’s visit to Cuba, rebuffs the papal call for an end to the economic embargo of Cuba.
Continuing Conflicts over Cuba
From NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 20 February 1998. The papal visit to Cuba did not result in any softened position on the enforcement of the U.S. Helms-Burton law. Congressional push for its enforcement.
Helms Bill to provide $100 million for Catholic Church AID programs in Cuba
From AANews, 13 May 1998. Novel US aid to Catholic Church in Cuba vs. Castro’s rapprochement with the Pope.
Arrests reveal splits in U.S. Cuba policy
By Scott Scheffer, in Workers World, 10 September 1998. The right wing Cuban American National Foundation split over the predatory and illegal nature of U.S. actions against Cuba.
Report on the delegation that visited Cuba from January 2-6, 1999
TransAfrica Forum broad based delegation assesses impact of US foreign policy on countries of Africa and Caribbean.
Cubans call Clinton's new policy " deceptive maneurering"
By Teresa Gutierrez, in Workers World, 28 January 1999. White House concedes on secondary points without removing the blockade.
World Health Organization letter to UN on the negative effects of the blockade for the Cuban population
From Granma International, 20 April 1999. A survey of the world press condemnation of the U.S. boycott of Cuba.
Naval base violations
Pt. 8, Cuba-US Court, 22 July 1999. The court finds that the illegal status of the U.S. naval base on Cuban territory was no obstacle to its being utilized for 30 years for a whole gamut of attacks on Cuba's sovereignty.
Obsession - Assassinate Fidel
Pt. 9, Cuba-US Court, 24 July 1999. Political assassination is one aspect of state terrorism, traditionally utilized by the US against leaders in many parts of the world, but especially against President Fidel Castro of Cuba.
Senate Votes to End US Medicine and Food Embargo on Cuba
5 August 1999. 78 to 28 Vote Marks First-Time Legislative Victory to Ease Embargo. Release from Americans For Humanitarian Trade With Cuba.
US Govt Reacts to UN Vote on Cuba
Radio Havana Cuba Viewpoint, 11 November 1999. Humiliating defeat of the U.S. in the United Nations General Assembly, where, for the eighth consecutive time, the international community overwhelmingly adopted a resolution that condemns Washington’s blockade against Cuba.
On the need to end Washington’s blockade against Cuba
The address of Cuba's Parliament President, Ricardo Alarcon, before the United Nation’s General Assembly in New York. From Radio Havana Cuba, 11 November 1999.
Cuba Replies to the Lies
Radio Havana Cuba Special Report, 3 December 1999. Transcript of remarks of Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque during a dialog with the President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donahue.