The retrospective history of the state of Connecticut

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Yale and the Price of Slavery
By Henry Wienek, The New York Times, 18 August 2001. Three researchers release a report on Yale University's deep entanglement in slavery. The issue of moral relativism.
What happened in the Summer of 1963?
By Don O. Noel, Jr., The Hartford Times, Tuesday 26 November 1963. It was a historical Summer which saw the Negro revolution sweeping America arrive in Hartford—in a mild but nonetheless spectacular form. NECAP—the North End Community Action Project.
Movement alert! A warror's child has passed
December 12th Movement, 21 December 1997. Obituary of Lisa Taylor-Lemon, daughter of Viola Plummer. Lisa was an activist in Bridgeport, with a particular focus on the development and consciousness of Black children.