The working-class history of the state of Connecticut

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Connecticut: Telephone workers break two-tier wage
By Joelle Fishman, People's Weekly World, 26 September 1998. The two-tier wage system was toppled by telephone workers in Connecticut, as their militant and creative strike tactics won a new contract after less than a month on strike against Southern New England Telecommunications (SNET).
Unionization Vote Begins Today At UConn Health Center
By Robert A. Frahm, The Hartford Courant, 15 December 2000. Pro-and anti-union forces have cranked up public relations campaigns, including a letter this week from the head of the UConn Health Center warning that a union—a rarity in medical schools—would be a disaster.
Cleaning Contractors Fail to Reach an Agreement With Striking Janitors in Fairfield County, Says SEIU
Press Release from Service Employees International Union, 30 October 2001. We are going to continue to fight for good full-time jobs, said the president of SEIU Local 531, which represents janitors in Fairfield County.
Pratt workers on strike to save jobs
By Joelle Fishman, The People's Weekly World, 8 December 2001. More than 5,000 Machinists Union members at the Pratt and Whitney division of United Technologies, the largest manufacturer in Connecticut, voted Dec. 2 to reject the company&s final offer and go on strike.
Immigrant workers denied entry to public hearing
By Joelle Fishman, The People's Weekly World, 17 May 2002. Immigrant workers forcibly denied entrance to attend a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) public hearing. The hearing was discussing a proposal to prohibit some immigrants who have the legal right to live and work in the US from getting drivers licenses.