Connecticut labor and the nursing home industry

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Most recent update on 1199 Strike
From the Greater Hartford Labor Coucil, AFL-CIO, 20 March 2001. The 1199 Hospital and Health Care Workers/SEIU is reporting that Governor Rowland is paying for the strike breakers, transporting them to work in State rented vans, paying for their hotels and of course calling out the National Guard. It is anticipated that the Governor will call a state of emergency tomorrow.
Community/Labor Strike Update—May 16
From the Greater Hartford Labor Council, AFL-CIO, 16 May 2001. Even though nursing home caregivers have offered to end their strike and return to work, the Governor continues to pay nursing home owners a million dollars a day to keep caregivers out on the street—locked out.
Union Chief Testifies In Lawsuit Vs. State
The Hartford Courant, 11 June 2002. Jerry Brown, president of the New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199, contends that the state illegally interfered in contract negotiations by paying for replacement workers to care for residents at 39 nursing private homes. The union sued Rowland to seek a ruling that would bar the use of public money in labor disputes involving a private company.