The social history of the state of Connecticut

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Outrage over transsexual teacher ouster
By Kristianna Tho`mas, Workers World, 26 March 1998. Wallingford school officials forced teacher Scott Hendricks into early retirement. Hendricks, 39, is a well-respected agricultural mechanics instructor, but he is transsexual and has begun sex-reassignment from male to female.
Detainee Has Had Enough Of U.S.; Indian Man Eager To Leave After INS Holds Him 18 Days
By Rinker Buck, The Hartford Courant, 14 December 2001. Since arriving here on a multiple entry visa that allowed him to conduct business in the US, Sheerazi had shuttled back and forth between his home in Bristol and NYC, hustling orders and delivering rugs for his family's successful carpet plant in Bombay, India.
‘Couldn't Keep It To Myself’
CBS News, 9 May 2004. Part of a 60-Minute piece about women prisners who write about their lives and inadvertantly write a best seller.
T.M.I. Jeremy Craven
By Melissa Byron, The Hartford Advocate, 14 October 2004. An interview with a white middle-class youth in Hartford that reveals the social values of his class.