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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 05:53:35 -0500
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From: hutterian brethren <brud@webbsco.esslink.com>

Report on the Million Man March

By Ruben Ayala, member of the Bruderhof, 16 October 1995

Dear Friends, here is a report on the Million Man March from a member of one of our Bruderhof Communities. Please enjoy it and comment if you wish. Greetings Klaus Meier ( People in Blue, working for the freedom of Mumia and all unjustly incarcerated people.)

Present from the Buderhof Communities: Kirk Wareham and Ruben Ayala. Also Walter Brooks NAACP President from the town of Ossining, New York and 12 black men from the Ossining and Peeksill, N.Y. area.

AT 12:00AM We arrived at Walter Brook's house to pick up everyone who was going with me and Kirk W. to Washington D.C. to get and participate in the Million Man March. At 12:30 Am we left Ossining, N.Y. and arrived at Silver Springs at 5:00Am. After we parked the van we headed to the Metro (subway) so that we didn't have to drive into D.C. We arrived in the city of D.C. at 5:30Am At the beginning we got real close to the stage which was set up on the steps of the Capitol. We stood there about 1 hour, then we left and headed towards the reflecting pool, where a large screen was set up for those who could not be up front. After about a half-hour there in this location we split up and got involved with what was going on. I knew by the size of the crowd that we already, (and this was at 9:00 AM) had more men in this are than the Civil Rights and Vietnam Veterans March. At exactly 9:45 Am we had a record breaking crowd of 800,000 men present.

Louis Farrakan, leader of the Nation of Islam called for the Million Man March, but IT WAS OUR DAY, and even though he will try to milk it for all it's worth, WE (2 MILLION HOME-BOYS) took the March from him. All those Political, Social, and Religious leaders know that it was the Black Man's day. The problem that affect, and I don't like using this expression, White America it's the same problem Black America has. Our leaders are out of touch with reality and it's people. These bunch of clowns think that it is a privilege for us to be around them, when in reality they should feel more than privilege to be around us. Clowns like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, James Bevel, Louis Farrakan, and other speakers don't represent us...And we will be looking for a leader in the future. These clowns represent themselves, not us.

I was more than grateful that God and my Church made it possible for me to be there, not representing the Bruderhof, but supporting my Black Brothers here in America. This was something we needed to do and address. From the very beginning I felt some- thing different was going to happen in this city. On the metro I made a statement. I told Brothers that we were going to be 2 million strong, not a million. And yes we were 2 million plus when it peaked at 2:00 PM that day.

Yes Louis Farrakan made the call, but it was our day. I was over overwhelmed by the Spirit of the Million Man March. Everywhere one went Brother's were talking about the problems that were affecting us today here in this country. We came together from all corners of this Nation to see and find a solution about the problems we face. Drugs, Jails, Unemployment, Racism, The Moral Issue, our roles as Men and Fathers, and leaders in our communities. We Black men in America have a very bad image and we are the solution to the problems we ourselves have created. Yes America has done us a lot of wrong and will continue to do so, because racism is so deeply rooted in White America that they do not realize the things they say and do. It's the American Way, and we cannot let this happen to us. Because then we will become the evil which we speak and fight against. And this is one of the reasons why we cannot let Louis Farrakan become a spokesman for Black America. Because he is not only counter productive but destructive to our (Black) cause.

There were Brothers from all corners of America, covering everything under the sun. Social, Political, Economic, and Religious institutions. Politicans, doctors, cops, military men, white collar workers, blue collar workers. To the gangs Rappers, Drug pushers, the homeless and even the men in jail were represented.

All America was waiting for us to blow it yesterday. But I can honestly say, because I was there: There were no fights, no drugs, no beer drinking. Yes America you were waiting for us to blow it, but what you did not realize was that the Black Men showed up at this March, and the American Negro was not present. You see America, Niggers had no place in OUR March.

I will always hold my head up high and be proud of the way we acted, and presented ourselves yesterday. I not only was at a Historical Event, but the event was a Spiritual one. And no matter what happens I will always look back to that day and can say; That we stood Black and Proud, 2 million deep, United. And what a show of Power it was.

We expressed our concerns for our sisters and children. Yes it was pro-black, but in all honesty, nothing that came from the 2 million homies was anti-white. We know the system is our enemy. And even though we used the word, White Power Structure, it had nothing to do with the white american people who are abused by the same people and system that divide and abuse us.

We talked about our culture and history and the great Black men and Women in our History. Black men and women who cared. Elijah Muhammad must of turned over in his grave. Because we were not a sober and serious crowd. We sang the songs of Paul Roberson, and Mahalia Jackson to honor them. We had a Black Liberation Flag (kite) flying over the nations capital, while we were singing the (Our) Black National Anthem. We praised God, and God only. And then we turned to our Brothers just like Jesus told us to do.

My brother Kirk was with me, and my people because of the fact that he was there with a bunch of homies, knew without us saying anything that Kirk was not only down but a Brother. I never in my life saw so many Black Men take pictures of a White Man. It was great and my homies were letting him know, in their own way that he was more than welcomed. As a matter of fact, at one point in the program some preacher said; "turn around and meet the Brother next to you, say hello, shake his hand, give him a hug", my dear brother Kirk was not only welcomed, but also received the expression of Love from the Homies.

I met a man from Texas who was annoyed at me because I did not bring members from the Bruderhof with me. It was quite interesting what he said. And I quote; "Brother man, next year bring the Bruderhof, they bring Peace, to rallies, and besides they are the only true Christians in this country." Everyone who recognized me because of the Blue Shirt, said; "Free Mumia". One guy who hugged me said; "the hug is for your church not you". I am so happy that the Church is being respected and noticed by the Black Communities. Because the Bruderhof has been dealing with the American Negro to long. They (Bruderhof) are finally getting to know THE LIVE AND TRUE BROTHERS. Maybe now they will leave the American Nigger alone. I will always thank the Warriors that were there, for how they treated Kirk and recognized him as one of US.

Also another thing that touched me was, that for now we got to make this rally a Black Thing, but that in the near future we have to get together with our White Brothers. This was brought to expression, not only from the podium, but also for the Homies. I am glad that the Homies know that reverse racism is not the way to go. The Nation of Islam had a problem with that, but guess what, it was our day, not theirs.

To know us, America will have to live and relate to us. We smile, we show emotion on something but mean something totally different, our body language, our expressions, even the look in our eyes will means something else. And this is why America does not know us. On the way home Kirk expressed this in his own way>but the thing that impressed me was, that he felt it and saw it.

My prayer is that all the positive things that were expressed reach at least 20% of the Brothers that were there. That we as Men take the challenge and start building on it. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but all we have to do is get busy.

I'm not only happy that we were there on this Historical Event but that Brothers know we have work to do. And I thank all those who challenged us. It will be a hard and long road, but I believe we are going to do it. So America,.............

We called for One, but Two million strong, Black and proud showed up.

Even though our sisters should have been their, standing alongside us, I'm happy they weren't. You see 2 million homies made a promise to start anew. Now because of the fact that sisters weren't there, anytime we start acting like a bunch of asses, they could always remind us of the promise we made at Washington D.C. on October 16, 1995, while attending the Million Man March.

I will always be grateful that my Church felt and knew that I had to be there with the BROTHERS.


RUBEN AYALA 10/17/95