The Million Man March (16 October 1995)

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Statement on ‘Million Man March’
By Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), 15 October 1995. While CAIR spports the principles of economic and social justice, individual responsibility and political empowerment outlined by the organizers, Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam do not represent the Muslim community in America and many of his public statements are diametrically opposed to basic Islamic beliefs.
The Million Man March atonement
By Chris Waldron, 16 October 1995. The Million Man March will not direct African Americans to contest for power via political organizing since real organizing means building bridges with whites and other groups. This is counter to the NOI nationalist message.
Report on the Million Man March
By Ruben Ayala, member of the Bruderhof (Hutterian Brotherhood), 17 October 1995. We know the system is our enemy. And even though we used the word, White Power Structure, it had nothing to do with the white american people who are abused by the same people and system that divide and abuse us.
Woodstock with a difference—The Million Man March
By Sandy Close, Pacific News Service, 18 October 1995. The march was about healing fissures within black America.
After the Million Man March
By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, President and Founder National Rainbow Coalition. 23 October 1995. African American men held the nation's attention as they asserted the promise of a return to traditional morality.
Of Marches and Men ...
By Mumia Abu-Jamal, 2 November 1995. One may challenge the lack of political focus of the march, as does this writer, or its tone, as did other writers, who likened it to a rebirth of Booker T, Washingtonism, but one cannot deny the remarkable success of its organizers, and of Minister Louis Farrakhan.
Iowa Inmates Discuss Impact Of Million Man March
By Mark Curtis, The Militant, Vol.59 no.42, 13 November 1995. A large number of Black inmates here demonstrated their support for the Million Man March, although most guys here stress they don't agree with most of Farrakhan's views. Prisoners gave diverse reasons for supporting the march. Author not impressed by Louis Farrakhan's speech, his theory that the US is ruled through a Masonic conspiracy and his mystical interpretations of numbers. He slammed “white supremacy,” but not racism. Neither he nor other speakers mentioned solidarity with Black and other workers.
Million Man March: A View From The Left
Interview with Don Rojas in Green Left Weekly, 6 December 1995. I intend to march in Washington to make one simple statement to the world—the cancer of racism is eating away at the heart and soul of America ... I will not be marching to the drumbeat of Louis Farrakhan or Benjamin Chavis ... but rather to the clarion call of my conscience. They have their agenda and I have mine.