Minister Louis Farrakhan

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Providence, Patriarchy, Pathology: Louis Farrakhan's Rise & Decline (excerpt)
By Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua and Clarence Lang, in New Politics, Winter 1997. In his ‘Challenge to Black Men,’ Farrakhan announced a strategic retreat from substance to symbolism, from contestation to entrepreneurship, from transformative struggles to parallel development, and from demands to obligations.
Marched Out: Can Farrakhan still make a million?
By Salim Muwakkil, In These Times, 28 November 1999. Radical black organizations are not as intimidated by Farrakhan's success and increasingly will challenge the NOI's ideas for the direction of the black freedom struggle.
Farrakhan Responds to Media Mischief
Final Call newspaper, 15 May 2000. Min. Farrakhan's reaction to the 12-minute piece in CBS 60 Minutes program, extracted from a 4-hour interview, that aimed to indict him for the murder of Malcolm X.
Rev. Farrakhan-Moon and the Million Family March
By Marvin X, 17 October 2000. A panegyric in honor of Rev. Sun-yung Moon, sponsor of the Million Family March, and his theological student, Min. Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan's speech at the event was probably the best that it gets in terms of elaborating Rev. Moon's unification theology and ritual practice.
Farrakhan and Foxman
By Margaret Kimberley, Black Commentator, 2 June 2005. In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Million Man March, Minister Louis Farrakhan has announced the creation of the Millions More Movement. The ADL asked Black leaders to disassociate themselves from it. Farrakhan is a good—but he is also a flawed—friend.
Notes from a conversation with Louis Farrakhan
By Clarence Thomas, Co-chair, Million Worker March Movement, Workers World, 30 August 2005. Many trade union rank and filers have a misconception of who Minister Farrakhan is and his importance. The Million Worker March Movement is issuing the call to Black workers (organized and unorganized) and the entire labor movement to endorse and mobilize for the 10th anniversary of the MMM, called the Millions More Movement on Oct 14–16th in Washington, D.C.