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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 23:34:53 -0400
From: Marvin X <xblackxmanx@aol.com>
Subject: [BRC-NEWS] Farrakhan-Moon and the Million Family March
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Rev. Farrakhan-Moon and the Million Family March

By Marvin X <xblackxmanx@aol.com>, 17 October 2000

The magician pulled another rabbit out his hat! Like Houdini, he defied gravity with his skills of escape from the seemingly impossible task of assembling a million people, a task no other leader has dared attempt. This time the greatest orator, actor, diplomat and theologian of our generation (except one) transcended himself and reached into the Divine plane, as only he elaborated so eloquently from the podium on his self-proclaimed Day of Atonement. I said the greatest theologian except one -- that being The Rev. Sun-yung Moon. The San Francisco Examiner didn't submit a story on the event, only a photo with the caption that said simply "Rev. Moon sponsored the event." To me, this is most significant since Rev. Moon played the DL in the Million Family March, no doubt smiling behind stage. But why not when he had his best student starring in the greatest show on earth. Rev. Farrakhan was indeed one of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad's best students, so we would expect no less when he switched teachers. I hope what I'm saying is not news to anyone, since the Minister's association with the extreme right wing, communist hating Rev. Moon has been well publicized in the Nation's paper, The Final Call, including his paid visit to Moon's idea of paradise, South Korea -- God help us.

In truth -- and this is the key to all that I say and what the minister said -- his speech was probably the best that it gets in terms of elaborating Rev. Moon's unification theology and ritual practice, including his infamous million couple marriages, although Rev. Farrakhan-Moon fell short on the marriage ritual by a few thousand. Surprisingly, his speech centered on a topic I had recently discussed with a Sacramento Bee writer: the Qur'anic notion of man having three levels of existence -- the animal, the human and the divine.

I agree with the Minister that most of the world's people exist on the animal plane and never evolve to the human plane -- don't even mention the divine. He said it is evident by the behavior of the world's people, the religious community, the political community, the economic community, the ethnic communities, et al. Yes, we behave on the level of beasts with our animalistic hatreds of each other, even with respect to men and women, and we cannot exclude the children who obviously learned quite well from us -- his best example of this was when speaking of gangsta rap, he turned to the government building behind him and noted it was the house of the real gangstas. Yeah, housed inside were the gangstas who rule the world, who pimp, murder and exploit the world, who pollute and destroy the earth and all thereof. In the best tradition of Rev. Moon, he explained how religious symbols represent man's attempt to evolve from the horizontal (animal or dead plane) to the vertical or Divine plane of life. He deconstructed the Christian cross and the Jewish star of David for his audience. But he stepped deep into Moonism when he labeled most human beings Satanic. Rev. Moon says man is satanic because we are cut off from God and left to wade and wallow in our animal passions, resulting in our children being satanic as well, since they come from satanic parents. Certainly, all the school killings exemplify this, to say nothing of the gang violence.

I consider Minister Farrakhan a friend with whom I disagree. I parted with him some years ago when he defended the Bay Area Muslim priesthood against charges of exploiting and pimping the believers. I told him he should not come to the Bay Area upholding these filthy dogs, one of whom drove a believers-paid-for Rolls Royce and lived in a believers- paid-for house overlooking the Pacific Ocean so large even Farrakhan got lost inside it. He replied that Allah is merciful. The same pitiful response he gave at the march when he presented the children of El Haj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) and admitted his role in the murder of their father. Is there no end to Allah's mercy for rampant skullduggery?

The reader may wonder if I'm a Moonie. No, I'm with Laillaha-illa-ilah (Nothing and nobody deserves to be worshipped except Allah). But I had an opportunity to study Moon's theology and a brief association with his chief aide when I was chief assistant to one of our well known writers the Moonies were attempting to recruit several years ago. In terms of unification theology, no one is better than Rev. Moon in syncretizing the world's religions. The downfall of Moon's theology is that he concludes with himself as the New Messiah, all the other prophets (Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, et al.) being only stepping stones to himself. Herein lies the extreme danger of Moonism and any who associate with it, for one is easily duped by the intelligence of his theology. Yes, if one studies Rev. Moon, one will conclude he is a very bright guy, but don't study too long or you will "study wrong," i.e., one will be sucked into the vortex of the Moon......

Let me say it another way, it's like taking a hit of crack cocaine: one hit and you're hooked -- yes, even the best minds of our generation -- as we see with Farrakhan. He is the man who vowed to revive the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but has apparently disavowed them. He certainly is no longer a Black Muslim or Black Nationalist, but has stepped into the multi-racial, integration mode of the so-called Negro civil rites tradition, stealing the mantel from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. or shall we say he simply picked up the baton, since no one else was qualified to continue the race of the race.... So this is Farrakhan's hour, for better or worse, get ready for it, just keep an eye out for that Asian connection on the DL -- South Korea is not my idea of Paradise, but who knows where paradise is, anyway? Apparently our women find Korean hair, eyes and nails quite appealing... why not a Korean brain full of Rev. Moon's fantastic theological notions and right-wing poppycock? Take your pick, South Korea or Jonestown! Just remember Dr. Nathan Hare warned us:

"In his powerlessness and victimization, with nothing left to lean on, the black man is likely to mount the seesaw, if not the roller coaster of racial psycho-social dependency and messianic religiosity.... In the bottomless caverns of addiction in any form, there seems no amount of religiosity, coke, crack, alcohol or sex sufficient to sedate the social angst and shattered cultural strivings...." (Somethin' Proper by Marvin X, Black Bird Press, 1998, introduction by Dr. Nathan Hare, p. v)

In conclusion, the Million Family March was a great attempt to recognize the essential problem of our sojourn here in the wilderness of North America: the necessity of salvaging, reconstructing and reconfiguring our families the American experience has all but destroyed. Consider, one million African Americans in prison, forced into slave labor by the U.S. constitution. Imagine the related socio-economic costs to families of these inmates, not to mention the larger society. But at $50,000 per year per inmate, they are a valuable cog in the wheel of the prison-industrial complex. It is doubtful America will seriously consider Farrakhan's proposal to release them back to the motherland -- they are too valuable locked behind bars. In the process of destroying the Black family, the white family was destroyed as well. By keeping us on the animal plane, the white man became a beast himself. Baldwin said, "The murder of my child will not make your child safe...."

In spite of his new theological leanings, we should applaud Minister Farrakhan for attempting to help us make the transition from animal to divine. Maybe in a thousand years we'll get there. At least he gave the call, yeah, perhaps the final call. The old Book tells us the people were destroyed for lack of knowledge. Will we heed the essence of his message and step to the front of the line or remain in the darkness of the animal plane? Whatever we do, let us not confuse the message with the messenger! Truth is eternal and independent of anyone or anything; truth transcends race, sex, gender, nation, religion, ideology or philosophy! Bacon said, "Truth will not make you rich, but it will make you free!"

The reader is invited to visit Marvin's World: <http://www.marvinx.com>. Read his essay "Religion and Revolution." Check out his autobiographical history of the black arts/black liberation movement SOMETHIN' PROPER (Black Bird Press, Castro Valley, Calif., 1998, Small Press Distribution <http://www.spdbooks.org>). Marvin X currently has the longest running African American drama in the Bay Area and Northern Cali, ONE DAY IN THE LIFE, a tragi-comedy of addiction and recovery -- third year running. For play bookings or to arrange a lecture/reading/performance by Marvin X, contact him at 510-535-9199. email: <xblackxmanx@aol.com>.

Copyright (c) 2000 Marvin X. All Rights Reserved.

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