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Stop targeting the Afrikan Community (S.T.A.C)

From Sis. Shiriki Unganisha
11 March 1996

From Sis. Shiriki Unganisha
P.O. Box 5161
Kansas City, MO 64132

S.T.A.C./SAFC (Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign) has called for a conference on "ECONOMIC SANCTIONS AGAINST RACISM IN AMERIKKKA." We have set a date for the Economic Sanctions Conference scheduled for August 16 & 17, 1996, held in Kansas City, MO. We maintain Afrikans are being rounded up and physically en-slaved "AGAIN" through Amerika's Penal System. This is a call for Afrikan sistas & brothas to come together among ourselves, discuss & strategize on how to implement Economic Sanctions Nation Wide.

Once we have come to a consensus on our demands and issues, we will go back to our respective cities and communities and begin to educate, network and organize around our target, issues and demands. Our target is the Prison Industry, since this is the fastest growing industry in Amerika and it is targeting the Afrikan Nation. We must begin to expose to the people in this kountry and the World, how the US government is using its citizenry to fuel the Prison Industry (21st Century Slavery).

Laws are passed that are discriminatory in nature and target Afrikans in particular. Excessive prison terms are rendered in order to use Prison Labor to manufacture products for profit for private corporations and the government. These products are sold on the open market nationally & internationally, making it impossible for other corporations to compete with Slave-Labor. Over half of the federal prison population consists of non-violent & first-time offenders.

Violent prisoners serve less time compared to non-violent prisoners, WHY? Non-violent prisoners are suitable for factory work, they are more passive, cause few problems. With violent prisoners, they are unpredictable, can't be trusted and will sabotage the work. This summation is straight from the oppressor's mouth. Let's look at how prison labor is used today in Amerika's Prisons (21st Century Slave-Kamps).

Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Bank of Amerika, Macy's & TWA contract prison labor. While Goldman Sachs & Co., Prudential Ins. Co. of Amerika, Smith Barney Shearton, Inc. and Merrill Lynch & Co., work to underwrite prison construction with private, tax-exempt bonds which require NO VOTER APPROVAL. Prisons in the state of CA make logos for Lexus; Hawaii makes Spaulding golf balls; Maryland processes hot dogs; South Carolina makes electronic cables; New Mexico makes reservations for a chain of hotels; Oregon makes Prison Blues Jeans; Washington makes Eddie Bauer designer clothes and the list goes on and on, so does the exploitation.

This is Slavery 21st Century style any way you look at it. S.T.A.C./SAFC is researching & gathering material on the drugs used in state sponsored murders and the corporations that manufacture these drugs & other products; we're also researching the corporations that BUY & SELL prison made products. S.T.A.C./SAFC is asking prisoners and people on the outside to begin to forward us information on what prisons in your particular state have factories behind prison walls, what they manufacture and for whom?

This information must be uncovered and exposed. Remember, people sat back and watched HITLER do his thing, because HITLER's thing did not affect them personally at that time, will we sit back while HITLER's Daughter (AMERIKA) does her thing? The 21st Century Slave-Trade will not be reserved for Afrikans ONLY this time, it will include us all. Economic Sanctions is a tool of resistance that everyone can participate in, no one has to know you are participating in Economic Sanctions, JUST DO IT.

When the Afrikan Nation presents to the people and world our strategy on Economic Sanctions, we're asking for EVERYONE's support, because this affects us "ALL," whether people believe it or not. The Honorable Marcus Garvey said "WHAT YOU DO TODAY THAT'S WORTHWHILE, INSPIRES OTHERS TO ACT AT SOME FUTURE TIME." Please forward any information or questions to S.T.A.C./SAFC, c/o Shiriki Unganisha, P.O. Box 5161, Kansas City, MO 64132, 816-333- 9814.

We need to have a feel for how many sistas and brothas we should expect, in order to prepare for food and space for the conference. We would appreciate a response by March 31, 1996. You may call or write the address and number above, send an e-mail to nattyreb@ix.netcom.com, or fax your response to 816-842-3247.



The purpose of this conference is to strategize on how best to implement ECONOMIC SANCTIONS and how to educate everyday Sistas & Brothas about ECONOMIC SANCTIONS; also to come to a consensus from the information presented at this Conference on a target, issue and our demands of our ECONOMIC SANCTIONS CAMPAIGN; and to begin to discuss and implement strategies to LIBERATE THE AFRIKAN NATION. Sistas & Brothas, we must lead by example, we must begin to help our sistas & brothas in our respective communities to solve some of their day to day problems. To begin to build institutions to educate our children ourselves, financial institutions that DO NOT REDLINE against our people; begin to educate our people that every aspect of our lives are governed by politics and we must become involved in the political process. Not that we so much as believe in the politics of North Amerika, however, when you DO NOT speak for yourself, someone else will. So my Sistas & Brothas, LET'S RE-BUILD.