African American economic history

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Blacks in America. Statistical Brief
By Steve Coker (Statistical Brief SB/94-12, Issued May 1994). A demographic and economic profile.
Stop targeting the Afrikan Community (S.T.A.C)
From Sis. Shiriki Unganisha, 11 March 1996. S.T.A.C./SAFC (Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign) calls for a conference on ‘ECONOMIC SANCTIONS AGAINST RACISM IN AMERIKKKA.’
Feds to kill Survey of Minority Businesses
3 March 1997. Impending eradication of the federal government’s Survey of Minority Owned Businesses. This survey was basic to affirmative action and to disparity studies.
Privately financed elections secure white supremacy
By Stan Goff, 24 August 1999. A wealthy white elite that profits from white supremacy dominates all basic industry and all major financial institutions in the country. That economic power translates directly into control over the political life of the country.
Black Interests and the ‘Battle in Seattle’
By Dr. Ronald Walters, 19 December 1999. Why weren’t black people more visibly a part of the move against the WTO in Seattle? Considers relevance of environmental issues; Blacks in bed with Clinton; organized labor’s lack of backbone.
Wal-Mart and the Economic Destruction of Black Communities
By Margaret Mimberley, The Black Commentator, 8 January 2004. Apparently some among Black leadership believe that businesses, no matter how exploitative, are always good for their needy communities. John Mack, President of the Los Angeles Urban League, said, ‘We need to have retail outlets that are convenient and offer quality goods and services at low prices.’
Subprime Mortgage Crisis Causing African Americans to Experience Greatest Loss of Wealth in Modern U.S. History
Interview on Democracy Now, 17 January 2008. A startling new report has predicted the subprime mortgage crisis will cause people of color to lose up to $213 billion, leading to the greatest loss of wealth in modern U.S. history.