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The Demise Of Emerge And The Ethics Of Black Capitalism
By Ron Daniels, The Black World Today, 29 June 2000. Keith Clinkscales, CEO of Vanguarde Media Group, the publisher of Emerge magazine, and Robert Johnson, President/CEO of B.E.T. Holdings, which owns Vanguarde Media, have apparently abandoned Emerge’s effective social criticism to produce a watered down, more popular, publication in order to maximize profits. The ethics of Black Capitalism.
Black Capitalism, part I
By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, 18 January 2001. About Black capitalism ‘freeing us’ Black folks. This is one brother who ain’t sniffing what they’se defecating! Capitalism is a system of exploitation of the poor and working people, and it does not matter that a class of Black entrepreneurs have arisen to sell us things.
Black Capitalism: Part II
By Lorenzo Combo Ervin, 19 February 2001. Many misunderstood the point of Part I. The author is not opposed to some individuals creating a business, but to Black people being told that this as the only way we can get free. This kind of argument chains Blacks even more to the political plantation and lays us open to exploitation by a new class of masters selling fairy tales of economic riches.
Black Elitism/Black Capitalism: Part II; Author replies to comments
By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, 3 March 2001. What kind of society do we really want? One which has classes of desperately poor and excessively rich, one which has all economic power in the hands of a white [or some day Black] elite, or one where the needs of the people are met and we are all on the same economic level?
Black Capitalism: Part III
By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, 2 March 2001. Because of the transformation of the capitalist economy and more poverty, we have to rethink many economic issues instead of just accepting Tony Brown’s, the white conservatives’, or the government’s own arguments as to who is in the Black middle class and therefore doing good.