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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 19:26:52 -0400
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From: Art McGee <amcgee@igc.org>
Subject: [BRC-NEWS] Quote of the Day: Ron Daniels
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Quote of the Day: Ron Daniels

By Ron Daniels, from Art McGee <amcgee@igc.org>By

"In the '60s and '70s the Civil Rights, Black Power, and Black Consciousness movements actively promoted the idea of Black solidarity. There was a concerted drive to increase the participation of Black people in all aspects of the socio-economic and political systems of this country as a strategy for Black empowerment and advancement.

However, the proponents of Black consciousness never envisioned or advocated simply trading Black faces for White faces in old places. "Black" was seen as more than just a skin color. It meant acting differently than "white" in the sense that the goals of the Civil Rights, Black Power and Black Consciousness movements were to end the oppression and exploitation of Africans in America and to build a more just and humane society.

Therefore, black was/is not just a skin color, but is symbolic of an ethic, ethos, and philosophy of social justice and social change."

Ron Daniels
"We Must Return to Our Values"

[ http://www.black-collegian.com/skin.html ]

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