Pan-African consciousness

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Oyotunji Village Entourage in Oyo, Nigeria
From Kamari Clarke, 7 February 1996. An ‘African’ community of African-American converts to Yoruba religious practices. This community is located in South Carolina and was named Oyotuji African Village in 1970 at the time of its formation.
Quote of the Day
By Ron Daniels, 1997. Reminds us of the ethical content of ‘Black Consciousness.’
Emancipation Day in Ghana
By Sonny Carson, NY Daily Challenge 13 July 1999. Consciousness of African roots: The commissioning in Accra of the Monument of Return in memory of all Africans who lost their lives during the slave trade; Plans to transport to Africa the remains from the African Burial Ground in downtown Manhattan.
The Question of BET and the Payoff
By Paul Farhi, The Washington Post, Monday 22 November 1999. It—s almost 20 years since Johnson launched Black Entertainment Television, the cable network that has made him the world—s richest and most powerful African American media baron. But lately, Johnson finds himself and his creation besieged.
Back to the Land of No Return
Douglas Farah, The Washington Post, 26 July 2000. A growing number of black Americans who come to see St. George’s Castle and others among the 30 forts along Ghana’s coast that once warehoused millions of Africans sold into slavery.
Race and Class. A Brooklyn Teacher is Disciplined for Telling Her Students to Refer to Themselves as Africans—Not Americans
By Peter Noel, The Village Voice, 22-28 November 2000. After a year-long battle with Board of Education officials, Yaa Asantewa Nzingha, a junior high school ‘master drama teacher’ was demoted for telling her students to refer to themselves as Africans—not Americans.
Black, Just Black
Betty Baye, Louisville Courier-Journal, 15 March 2001. Black is much more than the hue of the skin. Black is a state of mind, a way of living, for which no apology should be needed. Scientists pretty much agree now that race, as we practice it, is a social fiction. The Census is a very important political and social tool that tells us many things about how we live, but its message is that we do not live in the Land of Colorblind.
To Tip Or Not To?
Opinion by Charles Rukuni, The Insider (Harare), 3 April 2001. A visitor from Zimbabwe resents being grouped with Anericans of colour, and finally acts otherwise.