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Race and Class. A Brooklyn Teacher is Disciplined for Telling Her Students to Refer to Themselves as Africans -- Not Americans

By Peter Noel, The Village Voice, 22-28 November 2000

After a year-long battle with Board of Education officials, Yaa Asantewa Nzingha, a junior high school "master drama teacher" who was demoted for telling her students to refer to themselves as Africans -- not Americans -- is being investigated by the Chancellor's Office of Special Investigations for encouraging the students to participate in a demonstration demanding her reinstatement. "Students as well as community members have been incited to protest against the school," principal Katherine Corbett of the Ronald Edmonds Learning Center charged in a letter to parents, warning that their children had been "solicited to participate" in the heavily attended October 18 protest outside of the school in Fort Greene.

Until the "investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct" related to the protest, the board had been stymied by its attempts to get rid of Nzingha for allegedly violating a regulation by Chancellor Harold Levy, which prohibits the opinionated teaching of race and politics. A white colleague at the predominantly black school reported on Nzingha, who has been teaching there for eight years:

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