Sundiata Acoli (1937–)

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Fighting for survival!—Sundiata Acoli
From Sundiata's Freedom is Your Freedom, 21 February 1996. A brief biography of Sundiata Acoli and his role in the BPP.
Sundiata Acoli: New Afrikan Liberation Fighter
In Revolutionary Worker, 25 January 1998. On 2 May 1973, New Jersey state troopers gunned down Zayd Shakur and captured Sundiata Acoli and Assata Shakur. Sundiata Acoli is one of the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. Now over 60, he remains an unbroken revolutionary committed to the liberation of Black people in the U.S.
Poem for Sundiata
Written in honor of Sundiata Acoli's Birthday—1/9/99, by Assata Shakur, 9 January 1999.
Message from Assata on the occasion of Sundiata Acoli's birthday
By Assata Shakur, 15 January 2000. I make a special appeal to young people. I am not only asking you to work hard to free all political prisoners, I am asking you to raise your voices wherever you go and to chant, to rap, to sing for the liberation of Sundiata Acoli and all Political Prisoners.