The history of the Black Panther Party (BPP)

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A Brief History of the Black Panther Party. Its Place in the Black Liberation Movement
By Sundiata Acoli, 1995.
The FBI's War on the Black Panther Party's Southern California Chapter
From the Maoist Internationalist Movement, 30 October 1999. A history of COINTELPRO and the FBI attack the Black Panther Party. Includes bibliographic citations.
25th Ann. of Panther 21 Acquittal: Program in NYC
From Shaba On, 22 April 1996. May 13, 1996 marks the 25th anniversary of the acquittal of the Panther 21, who in 1971 were the leadership of the eastern region of the Black Panther Party (BPP). The acquittal of the Panther 21 was a major political setback and embarrassment for the Manhattan District Attorney's office and the New York Police intelligence unit known as BOSSI which extensively infiltrated and disrupted the BPP's community programs.
On The Question Of Sexism Within The Black Panther Party
By Safiya Bukhari-Alston, 9 March 1995. Reflects upon the May 5 1993 N.Y. Times Op-Ed page accusation by Color Purple author Alice Walker that Black Panther Party's male leadership was sexist.
From Resistance to Liberation
The Black Panther, 20 June 1970, pp. 17–18. The story of Black Panther repression and issue of white alliance. The implicit class origin of the BPP distance from white White anarchist tendencies, but room for informal coalitions nevertheless.
Former Black Panthers to celebrate 30th anniversary!
From Jahfree I Kupendua, 9 August 1996. The 30th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party celebrated with a reunion of former Panthers in Oakland, Calif. A brief estimation of the Party.
Black Panthers: old v. young
London Sunday Times, 16 March 1997. The youthful ‘New Black Panther Party’ accuses the older generation of Panthers of having abandoned the struggle.

Resources for the study of the Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party (reconsidered), edited by Charles Jones (Baltimore: Black Classic Press, 1998)
Reviewed by Dave Silver, 12 July 1998. A favorable review of this wide-ranging collection of materials on the Black Panthers.
Scholars And Former Panthers Join Forces To Produce Ground-Breaking Volume On The Black Panther Party
From Arm the Spirit, 18 June 1998. Were the Panthers heroic Black revolutionaries or self-destructive, heavily armed street thugs? Review of The Black Panther Party Reconsidered (Black Classic Press), edited by Dr. Charles E. Jones. Book called the most advanced substantive look at the Party ever presented.