Fred Hampton (1948–1969)

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On the Relevance of Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party
25 January 1998. A general article with bibliography, written to satisfy the heavy demand for material on Fred Hampton, with the needs of youth in mind.
Akua Njeri, Widow of Fred Hampton, Guests on SFLR
Excerpted from SFLR News, 3 September 1999. Radio interview with Akua Njeri, a long time soldier and freedom fighter, former member of the Black Panther Party, Chicago Chapter, and wife of the late, great revolutionary Fred Hampton.
Remember Fred Hampton & Mark Clark
National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, 3 December 1997. December 4, 1997 marks the 28th anniversary of the assassination/police murder of Brothers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. These brothers were murdered by the Chicago Police in its effort to stop the Black Panther Party for Self Defense from unititng with organized gang families and thereby unifying the people.
In Honor of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark: Executed by Chicago Cops—Dec. 4, 1969
By Bruce A. Dixon, The Black Commentator, 7 December 2004. Bruce A. Dixon, then a member of the Illinois Black Panther Party, offers these recollections of Hampton.
Power Anywhere Where There's People!
Speech by Fred Hampton, delivered at the Olivet Church, 1969, The Freedom Archives, 4 December 2006.
Fred Hampton 1948–1969
The Black Commentator, issue 67, 4 December 2003, reprint from African-American Publications, n.d. To members of Chicago's African American community in the late 1960s, no leader was more inspiring, more articulate, or more effective than Fred Hampton.