Other members of the Black Panther Party

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Quote of the Day: Huey P. Newton
By Huey P. Newton, 20 June 1967. From ‘In Defense of Self-Defense’
Eldrdge Cleaver dies in hospital
From Reuters, 3 May 1998. Cleaver is an example of a Panther whose just anger lacked the understanding necessary to persist in the struggle for social progress, and so he ended selling out and becoming a capitalist.
An ex-Black Panther remembers
By Sis. JoNina M. Abron, Chicago Defender, 3 December 1994. An interview with Tondalela Woolfolk to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the assassinations of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. The two were murdered by Chicago police on December 4, 1969.
The Date for the Bobby Hutton celebration has changed from April 18th to April 25th
From Clark Bailey, 17 March 1998. A brief overview of Lil Bobby's life. The Bobby Hutton Park Committee is petitioning the Oakland City Council to change name of Defermery Park to Bobby Hutton Park.
Black Panthers Push Community Plans
By Michelle Locke, AP, 24 January 24 1999. Former Black Panther chief of staff, David Hilliard, walks the streets of West Oakland but now as a candidate for City Council, with the same rallying cry: Power to the people. It is the beginning of trying to really restructure and to rebuild another movement.
25 Years Behind Bars: Interview with Imprisoned Black Panther
By Ben Farr, Workers World, 13 June 1996. Supporters of imprisoned veteran Baltimore Black Panther Party leader Marshall Eddie Conway protest the governor's blanket denial of parole for anyone serving a life sentence. Phone interview with Eddie Conway.
Black Political Prisoner On Trial
From Arm the Spirit, 30 November 1998. The story of former Black Panther Albert Woodfox.
Support Sekou Odinga!
By Shiriki Unganisha, 24 February 1998. A letter sent out on behalf of Political Prisoner Sekou Odinga. Odinga a surviver of COINTEPRO attack on Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army. Illustrates prison conditions experienced by ex BPP members.
Ron (Maulana) Karenga
Dialog from the Black Radical Congress list, October 1999. A debate over the controversial figure of Ron Karenga and his US organization.
Ignore Gore, Bush—Remember Jackson
By Jonathan D Farley, 11 August 2000. A 17 year-old whose desire for Life was greater than his desire to continue living, armed with weapons of war and with even more foreboding weapons of truth: the ten-point program of the Black Panther Party. His name: Jonathan Jackson.